Dream A Little Dream
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Dream CD

To hear these sound files you will need the RealAudio Player.
You can download it free from this link:


(Two of these songs are also available as MP3 downloads)

Looking Back (3:30) MP3

The Man Who Wouldn't Sing Along With Mitch (1:47)

Wild Women (3:59)

500 Miles (3:30)

Everybody's Been Talkin' (2:12)

Shake It Up Baby (Twist and Shout) (5:18)

Creeque Alley (4:15)

Chanson, Chanson, Chanson (3:19).

Straight Shooter (3:53)

California Dreamin' (2:40)

Got A Feelin' (4:00)

I Saw Her Again (3:39)

In Crowd (2:48)

Monday Monday (3:11)

Step Out (3:35)

It Can Only Happen In America (3:48)

Dream A Litttle Dream Of Me (3:02)


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