Dream A Little Dream
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Denny on stage Some of what I'm going to tell you tonight didn't happen - at least not in the nice, semi-coherent way that I'm going to tell it. No, the stories will be stacked up, melded and muddled together and time will be warped.

But that is how it was. Time got way out of whack and California dreaming became a sleep disorder. At any rate, stories will be told, names will be dropped and mud will be slung, but hopefully to a purpose.

What purpose ?

What's this all about ?

What happened to me ?

What happened to you ?

What happened to us ?

What happened ?

Denny "I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together."

John Lennon wrote that. John Lennon. It's 1966. The Mamas and Papas are in London, England, well everybody but Michelle, more on that later . . . I'm in Dolly's, this ultra-exclusive club catering to the elite of Swinging London.

I'm just sitting there, drinking alone, and this guy comes in and sits down beside me and . . . "Oh my God . . . It's John Lennon. Am, ah, ah . . ." Well, he looks at me and goes: "Aren't you . . ." and I looked at him and went: "Aren't you . . ." and he looked around and said, "We are, aren't we"

So, we started drinking and a little while later Paul McCartney showed up with a bag of weed and I took them both back to our place and woke Cass up: "Cass, I've got a present for you." See Cass had this thing. She loved John Lennon. She really loved . . . well lust is a better word but . . .

More about that later . . .

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